What You Need To Know About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an avoidable, unfortunate, but all too common event.  A glance at the statistics shows that there’s an epidemic of workplace sexual harassment across a diverse range of industries.

Verbal Sexual Harassment Is Shockingly Common

Verbal sexual harassment doesn’t have as much stigma as more pernicious forms, so the incident rate is highest. Thirty-four percent of men and seventy-seven percent of women report experiencing verbal sexual harassment  while at work. That means they have had the misfortune to be the target of sexually charged oral statements about or intended for them.

Many Employees Face Physically Aggressive Sexual Harassment

Sixty-two percent of women and twenty-six percent of men are victims of physically aggressive sexual harassment. That includes any unwelcome sexual contact and dealing with flashed genitals.


What You Need To Know About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
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Digital and Cyber Sexual Harassment Is a Growing Problem

Twenty-two percent of males and forty-one percent of females experience cyber sexual harassment. That means they face unwanted sexual contact online, by phone, or through text messaging.

Finally, twenty-seven percent of women and seven percent of men were victims of sexual assault at work.

Surveys of workplaces are showing a diverse range of sexual harassment activities that include all of the standard forms of sexual harassment and assault but go even further.

Women also report that whistling, honking, and calling out at them is familiar. Men say that being misgendered and inappropriately touched happen at work.

Despite these high levels of harassment, many people are reluctant to report incidents in the workplace. No one is looking to lose their job or create problems at their place of employment, so it’s a severe step to accuse someone of wrongdoing. It could mean the employee will face termination or a humiliating demotion. That’s why many men and women suffer silently.

That’s the same reasoning that prevents many victims from retaining an attorney. They don’t want to face a loss of income while dealing with an impending court case. Plus, they worry about how complaints will impact their future employment options.

Digital and Cyber Sexual Harassment Is a Growing Problem
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Contacting a qualified attorney can help get justice for harassment. A professional legal representative will ensure that you maintain your rights. Suffering sexual harassment at your job is never right, and there’s no reason to suffer quietly. With a lawyer at your back, you’ll be able to navigate the landscape successfully. If you need to take action against your employer, or you make a move to redress your wrongs with a lawsuit, they will be able to assist.

It’s time to end sexual harassment forever.

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