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Massachusetts Sexual Harassment Attorney

This is a form of sexual discrimination that ranges from demands for sex to secure or protect your job through the creation of an intolerable work environment through sexual intimidation or through continual harassment on the job. Read More

Employment Discrimination

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In Massachusetts, an employer cannot discriminate against you when hiring to fill a position, when firing, or when determining your pay or the conditions or privileges of your employment. An employer must not discriminate against you because of age (being over 40), race, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, or genetic or medical information. Read More

Wrongful Termination

When you have been wrongfully terminated from your Massachusetts job, you may be stressed and uncertain of what action to take. Fortunately, Law Offices of Michael O. Shea P.C. will guide you through the Masasachusetts legal system where your wrongful termination can be addressed. Skilled, and experienced in wrongful termination cases. Read More

Employment Law

The Law Offices of Michael O. Shea have dedicated and experienced lawyers and staff to aggressively prosecute your Massachusetts employment claims. We have the experience to handle discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination claims in Massachusetts courts and in the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. We also have the experience to handle a variety of other employment matters. Read More

Employer Retaliation

Some Massachusetts employers feel wronged when an employee files a claim against them or insists on their rights in a dispute. In some cases, an employer will attempt to “get even” through retaliatory acts against the employee.

You have the right to insist that your rights or those of a fellow employee are observed and protected. As long as you are not attempting to foster disobedience, rejecting legitimate work or encouraging others to do the same, you have a number of “protected activities.” Read More

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