Sexual Orientation / LGBT / Gender Identity Discrimination

LGBT Discrimination

If you have to put up with jokes relating to your sexual orientation, comments about how you identify, heard sexually offensive language, contact or intrusions, whether it adversely affects your job or not, this may amount to sex based discrimination.

Sex Based Discrimination

Sex based discrimination is when a person is being treated unfairly and/or harassed in the workplace because of their sexual orientation or gender identification.. This type of discrimination may be illegal, depending on where you work.

Sex Based Wage Discrimination

Sex based wage discrimination may be the result of sex based discrimination in the workplace. Employees discriminated by their employers due to their sexual orientation or gender identity should consult an attorney to determine if their rights have been violated.

Massachusetts Sexual Orientation Discrimination Laws

While there is currently no federal law that specifically outlaws sexual orientation discrimination in private industry, Massachusetts Sexual Orientation Discrimination Laws LGBT discriminationcurrently prohibit sexual orientation discrimination in both public and private jobs. Massachusetts state law protects employees in the private sector and state and local government from:

  • Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation
  • Discrimination on the basis of gender identity

In a sexual harassment case, you may be able to recover back pay, future damages, interest, damages resulting from emotional distress, punitive damages, and your legal costs.

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