At-Will Employment

At-Will EmploymentIn Massachusetts, most employment is “at-will.” At-Will Employment is a pleasant and non-direct way of saying that your employer can hire or fire you at any time, without giving you notice and without the need to give you any reason at all for doing so. That does not mean that you are without rights.

There are laws dealing with discrimination, wages and overtime pay, medical leave, unemployment, sexual harassment, civil rights and various other laws and regulations that may apply and which may or may not limit or override the employer’s privileges under the rule of hiring “at-will.”

There may also be a contract, whether written or not, that applies to your situation that offers you relief from the harshness of the At-Will Employment rule. If you are provided with an employee manual or there are policies for a systematic method of firing employees then that in some cases will override the “at-will” law.

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