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Sexual Harassment Attorney Needed?

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If you have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, seeking the advice of a caring and compassionate sexual harassment attorney MA enables you to restore your rights to work in an environment free from hostility, threats, and unwanted sexual advances from management, colleagues, and peers.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Laws In Massachusetts Protect You

Choosing A Sexual Harassment AttorneyMassachusetts sexual harassment laws protect employees of companies of six or more from sexual harassment in the workplace. Unacceptable harassment includes demanding sexual favors, making job threats if the victim doesn’t comply, creating a hostile workplace, using sexual intimidation, cajoling, or making unwelcome and unwanted advances, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature or gestures in the workplace.

Sexual harassment Massachusetts law firms helps to prevent people of all genders, ages, ethnicities, disabilities, and religious beliefs from becoming victim to any of these activities while employed by a company or organization.

While anyone can be sexually harassed or assaulted, some employment situations pose more risk than others. Tipped workers, working in isolation, people with only a work visa, as well as jobs that are primarily dominated by men or have significant power differentials in the workplace are likely to have higher occurrences of sexual harassment than other work environments.

Victims of sexual harassment may experience a myriad of negative consequences resulting from the abuse. Recent studies found that one in ten women who were sexually harassed or abused had symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress syndrome. When this type of behavior gets tolerated, it can lead to increased expenses for physical and mental health services.

Other ways that sexual harassment can negatively influence victims have fear in the workplace, limited advancement opportunities, the threat of unemployment, or the feeling that abandoning an otherwise decent job is the best option to avert further harassment.

The best sexual harassment lawyers in MA understand the complexity of your situation, as well as the Massachusetts general laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. Working as your trusted advocate, your sexual harassment employer attorney in MA has the experience and patience to help you see your case through. Their knowledge of Massachusetts employment laws enables you to gain leverage in your case so that a favorable outcome and potential settlement for injustice and unfair treatment from persons in higher positions, co-workers, and even clients or customers.

Sexual harassment lawyers in Springfield MA uphold sexual harassment laws in Massachusetts. If you’ve ever wondered “where do I find sexual harassment lawyers near me” look no further than our sexual harassment lawyer offices conveniently located in Boston, Springfield, Wilbraham, and Worcester, Massachusetts.

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If you feel that you’re a victim of sexual harassment or have had requests for sexual favors in the workplace, please schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation to talk about your experience. Our legal team is well-versed in all Massachusetts sexual harassment training laws, helping to ensure the best potential outcome as a result of your situation. Your first consultation is always free.

Do you need a sexual harassment attorney to represent you when you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace?

Wrongful Termination And Employment Discrimination LawyerThe types of harassment range from demands for sex to secure or protect your job through the creation of an intolerable work environment through sexual intimidation or through continual harassment on the job.

Employment Discrimination Lawyer Needed?

Wrongful Termination And Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Workplace Discrimination during Covid-19 PandemicDiscrimination in the workplace and wrongful termination are both grounds for seeking guidance from a workplace discrimination lawyer. Businesses and organizations that employ six or more people are subject to following Massachusetts employment discrimination laws that govern these entities from taking adverse employment actions or not following the regulations outlined in the discrimination in employment act. Forms of discrimination can range from favoritism in hiring and pay determination to unfair job dismissal or termination.

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against people because of age, your race, your national origin, your ancestry, your gender, pregnancy, your sexual orientation, or your genetic or medical information. If you feel you’re treated unfairly based on any of these criteria, speaking with an employment law attorney in Massachusetts enables you to settle employment disputes that have arisen.

To meet compliance, employers must adhere to Massachusetts employment application law, Massachusetts employment background check law, and all other applicable Massachusetts employment laws. When they don’t, discrimination lawyers in Boston MA work as your legal spokesperson to present your case and help to serve justice when you’re the victim of prejudice, discrimination, or workplace bullying.

According to recent data, the state of Massachusetts has had nearly a 40% increase in age discrimination cases from 2009 until 2018. As per the EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is illegal to single out persons over the age of 40 for employment, advancement, training, or internship programs. To do so is a severe violation.

Massachusetts employment law regarding termination protects employees from being treated differently in the workplace. An employment discrimination attorney can help you to establish whether or not you could be eligible for a legal settlement based on the work discrimination you’ve experienced, regardless of the type of discrimination is based on your age, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or equal pay discrimination.

If you feel that you’ve gotten overlooked for job promotions, pay raises, or advancement opportunities for which you are qualified, a discrimination lawyer in Worcester MA helps to demand action to make things right. If you’ve been thinking about “who is a trustworthy employment discrimination attorney near me” you don’t need to search further than our offices. As the leading discrimination attorneys in Worcester MA, you can entrust us to handle your claim with care, compassion, and expertise.

Our Discrimination Lawyer Charges No Fee Unless We Recover

At the Law Offices of Michael O Shea, we understand that coming forward with discrimination or harassment claims against your employer can cause uncertainty. However, as an employee, you are protected by a comprehensive set of laws and rights. Our discrimination lawyers in Springfield MA help protect you from unfavorable treatment, poor work conditions, and workplace retaliation.

Our free consultation alleviates all risks. Call us to discuss your situation and explore the different options that are available to you. We’re so confident in our legal services that we don’t charge fees unless we’re able to recover a settlement on your behalf.

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Employment Discrimination Lawyer Needed? Call the Law Office of Michael O. Shea, P.C. An employer must not discriminate against you because of your age, your race, your national origin, your ancestry, your gender, your sexual orientation, or your genetic or medical information.

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